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This article is focused over mexico beetles VIN: due to the fact that Volkswagen finished to produce beetles sedan in Germany (it was 19th Janauary of 1978), the complete assembly line for Europe market moved to Puebla plant in Mexico.

In mexico beetles, the vehicle identification number in general is composed by the standard 17 digits with a particular model year that 'joins' old VW coding with the new one: model year 1979!

Let's have a look to all codification for european models sold until 1986. Keep particular attention to the letters written in capitol:

m.y. 1979 sedan chassis n° 119 2 1XXXXX

m.y. 1980 sedan 11AXXXXXX (For Europe market)

m.y. 1981 sedan wvwzzz11zBmXXXXXX (For Europe market)

m.y. 1982 sedan wvwzzz11zCmXXXXXX (For Europe market)

m.y. 1983 sedan wvwzzz11zDmXXXXXX (For Europe market)

m.y. 1984 sedan wvwzzz11zEmXXXXXX (For Europe market)

m.y. 1985 sedan wvwzzz11zFmXXXXXX (For Europe market)

m.y. 1986 sedan wvwzzz11zGmXXXXXX (For Europe market)

In 1980/1981, when universal standard 17 VIN was imposed for all car producers, VW sent in Europe beetles migrating digit's m.y. from '9' to 'A' for the model year 1980. In the following model year, VW deploied the 17 digits codification also. Just check the letters in capital, it's a continous 'serial numbering' convention (11 B XXXXX for m.y. 1981, then C for m.y. 1982 etc. From m.y. 1965 to m.y. 2004 there is a contiuons serial VIN!!!

5,6,7,8,9,0[2],1[2],2[2],3[2],4[2],5[2],6[2],7[2],8[2],9[2],A,B,C,D,.....,Y,1,2,3,4 !!!!

European car VIN must be a 17 values as well as every car in the world, but they usually put '0' or 'z' because it is not mandatory to compile 'model type' 'check digits' and all specifications as american market requires.

Let's take a look at South-America last beetles: in particular let's have a look to the standard 17 VIN digits. I.E. The lot of Ultima Ediction are 3000 units and their chassis numbers start from:




3VW - VW of Mexico (A funny thing that 'mexico' beetles imported in Europe -- see above -- until 1986 have a different suffix: 'WVW' that means Germany manufacter VW!!.... even we knew it is builted in Mexico!!!!!!).

S1A1B - type 1 etc..

Variable Check Digit - 1 CHAR

4 - m.y. 2004.

M - Puebla plant, Mexico.

9 - Suffix of the s/n.

00[2-5]XXX - serial number for the very last 3000 mexican beetles!