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::Models built from June 1949 to July 1979 -- inerd.it® has updated type2 VIN until model year 1979. From Jan1969 to Jul1979 we use an INTERPOLATION method that will be improved day by day . Type2 VIN check is intended for all different Bus code: 21, 22 , 23 etc.
Attention. We've found out, comparing m-plate and the USA low emission sticker, that special models like Westfalia many times seem to be builted one month later. This because m-code is intented for production plan in VW factory, then the sticker will probably tell the finished bus! Inerd.it® will tell you always m-code 'point of view'!
Another particular aspect is about the very first buses produced during the START of a single model year (officially on the 1st day of Agust): sometime they seem to be produced in July (may be for 'pipeline' pre-loading). Inder.it® will treat them always starting from Agust as officially intended by VW informations. Infact we know for certain that for particular versions some buses with a very low serial number, contain a production date starting from july stamped on their m-plate.
For these and many other reasons we firmly support the birth certificate request provided by Volkswagen. This website is intented for a QUICK VIN CHECK REFERENCE as well as a QUICK 'copy and paste' method for a particular VIN found all around internet!

insert your VIN here:

You can insert VIN chassis type like the following:

A) 20- [serial_number]

B) [serial_number]

C) 2XY[serial_number]

D) 2 X Y [serial_number]

Where "X" stands for type and "Y" for model year

::NoteThe "D" choice is because if you want to "Copy & Paste" a particular VIN from other websites (I.E. VW forums, ebay® etc.) sometimes it contains blank spaces. The inerd.it®'s VIN check will work as well as you didn't left them. Try it with this one 216 044 140 rather than this one 216044140!