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Dec 13, 2006 at 11:01 AM

In order to simplify and centralizing the code generation of sign-plates, Italian Governement introduced a new unified encoding system, composed by 7 alfa-numeric digits.

The format is XX NNN XX where 'X' stands for a letter ('I', 'O', 'Q', 'U' not allowed) and 'N' for a number.

The assigment of signplates is serialized and goes straight on a multiple of 1000 lot numbers per each letter incrementation. (XX 000 XX --> XX 999 XX. The first plate is AA 000 AA (Not assigned to any vehicle and, as well mentioned in targhe italiane) the very first lot numbers where deploied to Terni city and country-side.

Inerd.it® always wondered how many vehicles they can cover with such configuration. Well, starting from the first plate (AA 000 AA), the progression follow from right to left. So after AA 999 AA, there is AA 000 AB and so on. Thinking that the are 22 letters allowed and 1000 number with the same set, the value is more than 234 milions of different signplates.

We noticed that in 4 years, Italians vehicles covers the entire first letter lot:

    1) AA 001 AA on 25/05/1994
    2) BA 000 AA on 12/02/1998
    3) CA 000 AA on 22/03/2002
    4) DA 000 AA on 21/02/2006

This means that, supposing the new registrations will follow the same statistic trend, in 70-80 years all the 234.256.000 combinations will be covered: (22-3) x 4 = 76 years. This because Italian sign-plates have been always deploied with the vehicle and they can't follow the owner. So when the car goes to the junkyard, the registered owner must give-back the plate and won't be reused in any case!

Another particular aspect is that, for the very few set of cars with squared box that hosts the plate, they reserved the very last set of letters: starting from ZA 000 AA (09/06/1994) at the moment the didn't fullfilled the entire A lot. But how can we support this situation with a 100% nerdish point of view? Well,..... calculating the VATI of your car!!! VATI stands for "Valore Assoluto Targa Italiana" (Aboslute SignPlate Value)

AA 001 AA has VATI=1, AA 002 AA VATI=2, AA 000 AB VATI=1000. Is there a phormula that describe the generic VATI calculation? Yes, but we must introduce pos(q) table conversion. Yes because the letter 'value' must to be converted into the '22-esimal' positional value.


VATI of your sign-plate car is calculated as:


The 'a' represent the numeric value, between 000 and 999. Pos(qi) is the positional letter converted into numeric value: pos(qi) with i=0 is the 1st on the right, then i=1 the 2nd on the right, i=2 is the 2nd on the left and finally i=3 is the 1st on the left. I.E. if your sign-plate is: 'AF 344 GW' then the VATI value will be:


Ok... we knew you must improve your 'nerdishian' attitude...so we've created a VATI form calculator! Just insert your signaplate here:

put your plate here:

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