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Written by Administrator   
Jul 23, 2007 at 07:29 PM


insert your VIN here:

::For type 4 the period is from January 1969 until the end of production: July 1974 ::

You can insert VIN chassis type like the following:

A) 4XY[serial_number]

B) 4 X Y [serial_number]

Where "X" stands for type and "Y" for model year

::NoteThe "C" choice is because if you want to "Copy & Paste" a particular VIN from other websites (I.E. VW forums, ebay® etc.) sometimes it contains blank spaces. The inerd.it®'s VIN check will work as well as you didn't left them. Try it with this one 413 2 014 100 rather than 4132014100!

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