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Dec 17, 2007 at 06:54 PM

20081201 - Published Typ2 Brochure m.y. 1959. Italian ONLY...as usual!

20080602 - Published Typ2 User Manual m.y. 1964

20080602 - Published Typ2 User Manual m.y. 1970

20080601 - Published Typ2 local vendor bruchure m.y. 1968

20080210 - Published Typ3 bruchure m.y. 1964

20071229 - Published user manual beetle m.y. 1964

20071229 - Published user manual beetle m.y. 1966

13 December 2007 :: We just did it! ..."Voglia di Vintage is out now!" The first issue of "Voglia di Vintage" (Literally "Desire of Vintage") wants to be the first step into continuos 'work in progress' project to find and put on line ITALIANS Volkswagen Vintage stuff. Yes because for German and English booklets there's lot of websites that already published such a litterature.

All printed documents have been issued or distruibuited in Italy, by the official Volkswagen importer: Autogerma S.p.A. (Since 2007 they became Volkswagen Group Italia S.p.A.). Inerd.it has obtained the grant to publish these original documents that are under copyright of Volkswagen A.G. We published documents as they were found without changing or omitting any original content. Every VW enthusiast can download all of them for private use but, we are not responsible for any misuse for purpopses not allowed by the original owners: that's why we put a background disclaimer "Scanned from inerd.it private collection".
Well... why can't wait any more...: let's have a check for the first issues just clicking on Voglia di Vintage image! Enjoy yourself, inerd team.

In every moment, for any unquestionable reason Volkswagen Group Italia S.p.A. and/or other owners of the literature published are allowed to advise inerd.it to umpublish them. Inerd.it is not in any relationship with Volkswagen A.G. and Volkswagen Group Italia S.p.A.

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