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Java Green 1965 E-mail

Hi guys! Inerd.it® has decided to publish need's mother original documents of her brand new Java Green beetle, bought in March 1965. Unfortunately, need never saw the car, because it was sold before his birth in 1971 (infact he is 76ers!!!), using the car in Bergamo city and in Alpes week-end.

The most funny thing is that his parents kept all the documents about purchase/service receipt but never snapped just a single picture of the car!! So here you will find some documents scanner ...just for your pleasure to check what was emitted in the 60-ies by "Automototecnica Lorenzo Bonaldi".

By the way, 16th March 2008 in Bergamo city will be organized the 5th VW show sponsored by Bonaldi, G. Rotta mechanics and Maggiolino Käfer Club! Let's see in Bergamo! click here to check more info: 5th Bergamo VW meeting - 16th March 2008

Let's transalte every sigle document....click on to continue to read this article!


"New factory-builted car, brand Volkswagen, type 113 with USA bumpers, chassis n° 115553699" 910.000 £ (lire!!!) + automotive taxes."


"Following the agreement taken via voice in our offices, with this letter I've sent you the contract that insures your car VOLKSWAGEN 1200 BG 118991 and the corresponding green sheet. Yours sincerely."


"W10 Mechanic service 25000 Km - 3000 Lire"

"Substitution of valve cover gasket"

"Ignition points substitution - 300 lire"

"Spark plugs substitution - ***"

"Dismount and remount of camshaft for one cilinder's head - 975 lire"

"In order to eliminate rear and front fender dents and striping to the flanks; rear apron re-allign and related deinserting and reinserting parts. Emery polishing, plastering, painting, general polishing - 50000 lire"


"111 998 059 | Ignition points"

"113 101 483 | Rubbers"

"111 109 451 | (Valve) Registers"

"E003 | Solution"

"E003 | Oil filter"


"W10 Mechanic service 40000 Km - 3000 Lire"

"Substitution of valve cover gasket - *** Lire"

"Ignition points substitution - 300 lire"

"Spark plugs substitution (all) - ***"

"Rear brakes rubber substitution - 1275"


Here's the corresponding Birth Certificate! Note how the data matches: built on 18th February 1965, left the factory on 22nd February 1965 and sold to the final customer on 13rd March 1965....Just 43 years ago from the emission of this article!!

Cheeerrrz....inerd's team